International Women´s day .. mixed feelings ..

I feel like put into a box. A box that doesn´t fit me. There will always be women who like their traditionally assigned role, and there isn´t really anything wrong with that.

And there will always be women who, be it out of desperation or out of free will, let society treat them as an object, trading their personal integrity for money and not having to work. And I don´t feel like I´m in one group with them either.

And there will always be girls exposing their ass for money. And there will always be naked women in adverts for cleaning agents And I don´t feel like I´m in a group with them either.

I am though in one group with a society where all that is not forbidden. It is a group with men and women. And inside this group I am in one group with all men and women who see one another as equals, still.

And, most of all, I am not part of any minority or interest group which is suggested by any „women´s sth.“

Is it a sign of discrimination that there´s hardly any naked men in TV, magazines, billboards, etc.?

A naked guy feels „unusual“ and if it were girls it would be „so normal.“ In the animal world it is mostly the males who wear beautiful feathers in order to look good for the girl. Are we really against it being us who can bewitch the other sex?

And isn´t that a totally different story than the matter of income gap or women´s rights in developing countries and children´s books and novels almost exclusively depicting male heroes? I don´t think that all this is one group, one thing, one problem. But that´s just what I think.