I´ll call you tomorrow

Oh please, just call whenever you feel like it, will you and don’t make promises you don´t really intend to keep.

Some people who say stuff like that

  1. don´t mean it. And some of those
  2. might have some kind of power/control freak issue. With these words they make sure you won’t meet anyone else, at the same time it doesn’t oblige them to make space for you, they stay in control. Plus they make sure you don’t call them. Just watch out – when has a person who said that to you really intended to meet you the next day? And when have they really actually called? See?
  3. Will never admit the above. So don’t say something like: you don’t have to oblige yourself to call, I want you to call when you feel like it, not because you promise it now. They will undoubtedly use that against you. „Well, you said I shouldn’t call!“, trust me. The best reply would probably be: when? Cause I won’t wait. But don’t expect to get an answer..

Remember, anyone who is honestly interested will call anyway and not put pressure neither on you nor on themselves. And: see whether they’re available when you call, I bet it works just one way. You are not a coincidence.